Try and Buy Package

VSN Systemen offers a 'Try and Buy' package for OpenTSP NG!

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Application Note - Cavium Octeon programming and remote debugging

  VSN Systemen gives away a free Application Note on Cavium Octeon C++ programming and remote debugging.

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VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio

VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio.

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OpenTSP NG Octeon Network Processing Unit Features

Multi-core processors

The OCTEON CN58XX family of multi-core MIPS64 processors targets intelligent networking including compression/decompression, TCP, security algorithms and QoS providing industry leading performance.

Expandable via daughterboards

The Octeon base board can optionally be expanded with daughterboards with DSP resources or TDM interfacing. The protocol used is fully described, allowing developers to build a specific daughterboard in- house or purchase daughterboards off the shelf from VSN.

Low-power/high-density design

The VSN NPU offers very high performance of up to 30 million packets/second in a small 1U scale factor with very low power consumption of a max. of approx. 100W.

Extensive network interfaces

The VSN NPU comes with 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports and two high-speed serial ports.

Monitoring environment values

Fans, voltages and temperatures are hardware monitored in real time and this data is available via a documented API.

eJTAG interface

An eJTAG interface is provided for third party debuggers to be hooked up allowing easy debugging of Octeon target system.

Easy Object Oriented software development

A comprehensive, documented API describes the NPU base class; memory maps, serial I/O to daughterboards, monitoring logic API, etc. Also included is an Object Oriented class for Cavium Octeon development, which is not included in the standard Cavium SDK. The developer can use a free standard MIPS GNU toolchain to develop bespoke applications. A VoIP Firewall API and a VoIP Transcoding API are optionally also available which provide higher level functions.