Try and Buy Package

VSN Systemen offers a 'Try and Buy' package for OpenTSP NG!

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Application Note - Cavium Octeon programming and remote debugging

  VSN Systemen gives away a free Application Note on Cavium Octeon C++ programming and remote debugging.

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VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio

VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio.

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OpenTSP NG Octeon Network Processing Unit Introduction

The OpenTSP NG Octeon Network Processing Unit (NPU) combines Cavium's OCTEON CN58XX series of multi-core MIPS64 SoC processors to deliver intelligent, multi-gigabit networking with optional daughterboards for specific tasks such as voice/video DSP or custom functions like TDM interfacing.

The NPU is available as a board level product or as a 1U rackmount network applications platform designed for performance demanding applications. Due to increasing demand and complexity in networking environments, systems integrators and solution providers are seeking platforms that can manage high-speed packet processing and VSN's NPU delivers just that.

Cavium Octeon

Supporting Cavium's range of OCTEON CN58XX processors with up to sixteen MIPS64 cores on a single chip, the NPU integrates next-generation networking I/O, advanced security and application hardware acceleration whilst providing very low power consumption.


Up to six optional daugtherboards allow easy expansion for specific tasks such as voice/video DSP, TDM interfacing or custom functions. These daughterboards can be purchased from VSN or developed in-house on the basis of the documentation provided.

Proven high performance

The NPU integrates essential and unique hardware acceleration for intelligent networking, including compression/decompression, TCP, security algorithms and QoS which provides industry leading performance capable of handling up to 30 million packets per second. VSN's NPU has been field tested by one of the world's largest VoIP providers which processes tens of millions of voice minutes every day.

Low power

VSN's NPU is a standalone system and requires no (PC) host system. This dramatically reduces the total power consumption, typically to less than 100W.