Try and Buy Package

VSN Systemen offers a 'Try and Buy' package for OpenTSP NG!

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Application Note - Cavium Octeon programming and remote debugging

  VSN Systemen gives away a free Application Note on Cavium Octeon C++ programming and remote debugging.

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VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio

VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio.

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Profile VSN Systemen


VSN Systemen (based in Venray, the Netherlands) started developing telecom hardware and software in 1991 for an exclusive group of high-volume/high-end (VoIP)carriers. VSN not only provides R&D services to this client group, but also supports and maintains their networks leaving them to focus on service development and the associated marketing and sales activities. Initially, telecom systems development was TDM/SS7 based, this evolved via ATM backbones to the currently installed large-scale global IP/VoIP/SIP network. VSN systems currently handle tens of millions of VoIP minutes every day, at a never before seen price/performance ratio.

Professional R&D

Stability and availability are key as service disruption can lead to very significant losses. VSN's OpenTSP NG was developed in-house by highly educated engineers with knowledge and experience in embedded and application (telecom) development both in hard and software. VSN develops stable, high-end professional systems in a controlled and consistent manner using professional tools and processes including object-oriented software design, signal integrity analysis & simulation and agile/scrum development cycles. As a knowledge-based organisation, VSN works in close cooperation with institutions including silicon vendors and universities.

The company

VSN employs over 65 staff (more than 40 of whom at higher professional education level (HBO/HBO+)) who work enthusiastically to make life difficult for our competitors by doing things just a little differently, being that little faster and more than a little smarter. VSN's flat organisational structure means VSN's employees experience a great deal of freedom in their work with short lines of communication and almost none of the red-tape common at a lot of larger companies. This is one fun company to work for.

Combining the benefits of a small-scale business with an intelligent, experienced hardware and software development team, VSN is capable of responding quickly and flexibly to clients' divergent wishes and changes in the market.

VSN is privately owned & operated, and has been financially sound since its inception.

VSN very recently decided to make some of its OpenTSP NG technology - technical building blocks - previously exclusively used by high-end operators with a very compelling price/performance ratio available to a wider market.

VSN's aim is to monitor the changes on the market, allowing us to provide our clients with state-of-the-art products and services. VSN focuses on stability with regard to the organisation as well as product and service quality. At VSN we are confident that this is the best way to keep our clients satisfied.