Try and Buy Package

VSN Systemen offers a 'Try and Buy' package for OpenTSP NG!

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Application Note - Cavium Octeon programming and remote debugging

  VSN Systemen gives away a free Application Note on Cavium Octeon C++ programming and remote debugging.

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VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio

VSN Systemen Selects Octasic's Vocallo MGW for Multimedia Application Portfolio.

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OpenTSP NG VoIP Firewall Library


The OpenTSP NG Firewall Library provides an abstraction layer to the OpenTSP NG Octeon Network Processing Unit. This allows developers to quickly develop applications requiring voip firewalling functionality without dealing with the detailed technical interfacing required to control the Cavium Octeon Network Processing chip.


VoIP Firewall
Allow or disallow certain VoIP packets to be processed further.
High density and performance
Up to 40000 voip streams are processed simultaneously in 1 OpenTSP NG Octeon NPU.
Easy configuration
Auto populated black- and block lists of IP addresses for malicious users.
ASP based admin frontend
The admin ASP application allows the following:
- manually controlled white list to let certain IP-range pass through unfiltered
- visualization of statistics in real time like number of packets received, rejected etc.
- visualization of al IP-lists to identify malicious users
- advanced stream capture possibilities to monitor stream of selected users.
Unlimited number of VoIP firewalls can be controlled by one webserver providing admin webbrowser access.
Object Oriented design
Full C++ object oriented designed library allowes quick and easy software application development.
Quick to deploy solution
A comprehensive and documented API describes the functionality provided and offers c++ example code.
Binary / C-code
Library available as binary file for production environments or as c++ source code for own designs. Firewall admin front-end available as published ASP version.

See also OpenTSP NG Octeon Network Processing Unit for more information on the hardware funtionality provided.


Requires OpenTSP NG Octeon Network Processing Unit and can be run on standard Linux or Cavium SDK with OpenTSP NG Base Class present.The admin frontend application requires an ASP capable IIS webserver, which is not included in this Library.